Priory Saint-Nicolas de Campagnac

Influence regained for this medieval priory in a listed site

Situated in the heart of the listed site of the “ gorges du Gardon, garrigues nîmoises and pont du Gard”, the Prieuré Saint-Nicolas de Campagnac is a flagship site in the region. Founded in the early 12th century by the Augustinians order, its majestic bridge – completed in 1260 by the Knights Templar – gave it a significant strategic status. However, by 1862, the gradual demise of its religious and economic functions and the opening of its outer wall to make way for a new, more practical road took away its status. But its essence and the fascination it exerts are still present, the genius loci having to be revealed once again. The new owners wish to renovate the estate and transform it into a tourist destination with restaurant, bed and breakfast, productions and sales of local products (wine, lavender, honey, olive oil…), ceramist-in-residence… Hence returning it fully to the local economic and social life of the area as well as the remarkable surrounding landscape. The landscape concept then consists of using the axis of the church, the sole building to definitely date back to the place’s origin, as the major axis that will guide the new composition of the outdoor spaces. A grid of 5 m x 5 m is established on this axis and the new layouts are designed according to it over the entire estate, thus reweaving a link on both sides of the recent road and making it possible to create a variety of atmospheres anchored in the local landscape.

images : @Malcolm Dax

Project details

design studies in progress
Sainte-Anastasie - 30 (Gard)
renovation of a medieval priory’s estate
private client
landscape analysis, design and construction supervision
Niez Studio (landscape architecture) - Hervé Le Bihan (architect)
delivery of Phase 1 planned for mid-2022
on request