Akouédo – the park

Land resilience

The site of the former Akouédo landfill must undergo a profound metamorphosis in the coming years : the strong commitment to clean up the site for obvious reasons of public health is accompanied by the desire to "give back" the former landfill's area to the people of Abidjan and to create a place for everyone.In a city with ever faster urban growth and where natural spaces are becoming scarce, the aim of this ambitious project is to revitalize a damaged area, to make it a model place in terms of respect for the environment, while providing leisure uses that are currently lacking in the surrounding neighborhoods.Niez Studio has been commissioned to work together with PFO and Véolia/Seureca to design the keys that will enable the radical transformation of the site. Our common objective is to turn the former Akouédo landfill site into a breathing space, a biodiversity reserve, a place of culture and encounters, and a support for numerous leisure activities, events, sports and family activities.In the heart of Abidjan, by creating this new emblematic place for the city, with a strong and striking identity, we are paying tribute to resilience, the capacity of human beings and nature to resist and overcome traumas, to feed off them in order to move forward. 3D images : @Jean Thiriet – images : @Niez Studio Paysagistes

Project details

phase 1 construction works in progress
Abidjan - Ivory Coast
redevelopment of the former Akouédo landfill site into an urban and sports park
Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation
landscape analysis, design and construction supervision
PFO Africa (economic and managing operator) - Véolia/Seureca (remediation/decontamination engineering) - Niez Studio (landscape architecture)
Phase 1 : Studies 2019-2020 / Construction supervision : in progress
on request
33 ha