Potager for the Grand Hôtel Cala Rossa

An organic potager garden for the Grand Hôtel Cala Rossa

The head-chef of the Grand Hotel Cala Rossa wanted to use the freshest local ingredients possible. In an area of unused land just next to the hotel, they decided to create an organic kitchen-garden or potager, so that the chef could cook a very fresh seasonal menu. The new garden is filled with aromatic herbs and fruit and vegetables of exceptional quality.  Sited close to the Mediterranean sea, the sloped land and salty soil presented challenges to market gardening. The solution was to build-up large round beds enriched with 50cm of top-soil.  These beds are linked with curved paths, which viewed together resemble a bunch of grapes.  Between each grape-like bed are planted swathes of lavender punctuated with unusual citrus trees, such as  Australian finger lime and Buddha's Hand citron. The architectural design of the potager for the Grand Hotel Calla Rossa is both aesthetic and utilitarian, retaining a graphic quality throughput the changing seasons. 

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Project details

Lecci de Porto Vecchio, Corsica
creation of an organic kitchen garden
Grand Hôtel Cala Rossa
design & construction supervision
Niez Studio, landscape design
design to completion 2010-2011
Budget for works
1,500 m2