Jardin de la Charpenterie et place de la Loire

A vantage-point overlooking the Loire river

The construction of a multiplex cinema in the historic center of Orleans, within an urban regeneration zone (ZAC), provided the city a large roof terrace and the opportunity to create a new public green space, badly needed in this dense urban city-centre.

The height of the rooftop gives spectacular views of the Loire river so it was evident that the garden should be orientated towards this vantage point.  Consequently, a large pergola covered with Japanese wisteria was installed as a lookout, with alcoves for people to stop and admire the view.

The rest of the garden is made up of lawns and walkways, to provide a green breathing space for the city.

The Place de la Loire, located at ground level, is a public square, where paving in wave patterns, echos the shape of the meandering river.

Project details

ZAC de la Charpenterie (Urban regeneration zone) Orléans, Loire Valley, France
creation of a public square and adjoining roof garden
city of Orléans & SEMDO
Niez Studio won the competition to design and supervise the construction
Niez Studio – project lead
design to completion 2001-2004
Budget for works
3,7 M€
0,5 ha (roof garden) - 0,5 ha (square)