46 rue de la Pompe

Bringing nature into an ever-changing city

In a neighbourhood with a distinct historical character, the architectural response to this project gave an opportunity to create a perfect landscape. Because of its orientation, the density of the urban environment and the presence of retaining walls, it is planted with shade-loving plants. It is designed to be a three-dimensional enclave of nature: whose qualities can be viewed from within the gardens, from inside the buildings or from above.

The main patio provides access to appartments in the east building via a winding path of permeable paving.

A beautiful large birch tree (Betula costata) is located at the edge of this path, in open ground, while the garden sited over underground parking required shallow rooting sub-shrubs and ground-cover plants. In order to expand the garden to the maximum, climbing plants were used to cover the walls, including the tall gable-end.  These was covered with an ornamental wooden structure to support several varieties of clematis.

A square patio, tucked into an alcove of the building, is filled with elegant tree ferns underplanted with hostas and perennial ferns.

Project details

46 rue de la Pompe, 16th arrondissement, Paris, France
creation of a garden for a mixed (private and social) housing development and crèche.
design & construction supervision
Architects – Hardel & Lebihan ; Landscape designers - Niez Studio
design to completion 2012–2015
Budget for works
300K €
320 m2